People come to Takeoff with ideas. And we have everything to make these ideas come true: luxurious workplaces, space, strong teams nearby, and we have showers, equipped kitchens, parking lots, and restaurant.
Own street
A pedestrian street without an address "only for Takeoff residents" with a bar, lemon alley, fir, and fruitful conversations.
3 Thousand Square Meters of Coworking
Different spaces - different styles: steampunk, loft or modern.
Shindler Elevators
Silent Shindler elevators will quickly deliver to the floor and will not interfere your telephone calls.
Chill-out Areas
Hammocks, frameless or massage chairs, chess and comfortable sofas on each floor.
Meeting Rooms
Glass meeting rooms with the possibility of remote booking and fancy naming. At Takeoff, meetings are held in Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Almodovar, and even Alcazar.
Equipped Kitchens
Spacious kitchens equipped with all necessary appliances: refrigerators, microwaves and regular ovens, coffee machines, and dishwashers. A hostess will kindly wash your cup. Each kitchen has a large selection of drinks - tea, coffee, cocoa, water, and milk. The coffee beans delivered to Takeoff go through a special roasting process.
Animal Farm Restaurant with the Space for Meetups
On the ground floor there is a restaurant with original cuisine, hookah room, chatbot for ordering and floor delivery. In addition, the restaurant is a great venue for meetings and conferences.
Summer Grill House for Lunch and Meetings
You can meet guests or relax with colleagues in the summer grill house with a gazebo, barbecue, tandoor, and a Russian stove. Decorative stoves made in America in the 19th century were brought from the Czech History Museum.
Own Hotel
5 luxury hotel rooms with a unique lobby for key partners and guests (the service provided individually).
Premium Sanitary Ware and Showers
Bathrooms are equipped with high-quality sanitary ware manufactured by Villeroy & Boch (Germany) and Roca (Spain). You can come easily to the office by bike, since the showers are available.
Indoor Parking Directly in the Building
The rental price includes a parking lot, which is located directly in the building. The office is protected by Kipod intelligent video surveillance system. Guests and partners will easily find a place in the guest parking or in the large guarded indoor parking. Additional parking slots is available for bicycles and scooters.
Transport Infrastructure
Takeoff is located in the center of Minsk and offers an ideal transport infrastructure. You can quickly reach the office by metro (metro station Y. Kolas Square - 10 minutes), tram (5 minutes) or bus (2 minutes). At the same time, Takeoff is hidden from noisy streets.
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Minsk, Platonova, 20B
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